Julien Moorat


Hi there 👋

I am a 25yo software engineer based in Lyon, France 🇫🇷.

I am currently working as a Backend Engineer for Dalma, helping them build the best pet care super app in Europe.

I am interested in various topics such as:

  • Web Development (Frontend and Backend)
  • Software Engineering and Architecture
  • Product and Platform engineering,
  • Serverless
  • Distributed Systems
  • Blockchain (the real one, not the buzzy thing you heard about in your last corporate brainstorming meeting 😉).

Recently I have gone down the rabbit hole of Domain-Driven Design and I am willing to learn more about it and share my thoughts and experiences around it.

In the real world I enjoy taking pictures, travelling, listening to music no one else listens (at least around me), trying to produce (experimental) electronic music, reading books (fiction and non-fiction) and playing video games when I have still some time left.

The blog

Here I write about things I am interested in, things I am learning, things I am working on and things I am struggling with, tech related or not.

I am not a native english speaker so please be kind, improving my english is one of the reasons I am doing this blog.

I am always open to constructive and respectful feedback, so feel free to reach out to me on my socials or by email.